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July 5, 2009
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After busting out of jail, Scourge was very angry over the comrades who betrayed him. However, he remembered Fiona who left the fight the minute he was thrown into his last fight with Sonic. Why did she retreat when he ordered to remain? He growled at the thought as he pulled out a warp ring to head back towards his world. Then through the portal he saw Fiona standing near the portal with her back turned and in her old attire (the jumpsuit before she switched to leather). "Hey, what do ya know?", he chuckled and he sneaked through the portal then when she was barely aware of his presence, grab the sides of her neck and did a Vulcan nerve pinch. She had little time to react and passed out. However, he remembered all the adventures he had with her; causing mischief, fights with others plus he conquered his whole world all for her. Yet he felt the need to punish her then came up with a devious idea.
Fifteen minutes later...

When Fiona woke up she found herself handcuffed to a bed in some unknown room. "You bad girl, leaving me behind", Scourge chuckled looking over her from the right side of the bed. Fiona yelped in shock then shook a little. "S-scourge?", she stuttered in complete surprise, "W-w-w-w-when did you-?" "Get out of jail?", Scourge chuckled then he knelt over her and kissed her on the lips. Fiona blushed heavily but gave into his kisses. It reminded her of the time she used to spend with him. Several minutes later, Scourge broke from the kiss and reached down and grabbed her feet. "Now, down to business", he chuckled and he grabbed the boots on her feet and pulled them off. "What are you going to do?", Fiona whined, "Please don't hurt me". "Oh I wouldn't hurt you", Scourge chuckled as he grabbed her now bare left foot by the ankle and rested his remaining hand on the soles of that foot, "But that doesn't mean I won't punish you for your disobedience". He then started tickling her foot with his fingers. "Nohohoho, please, dohohohon't tihihhihickle my feheheheheheet", she cried out laughing. He kept tickling her foot for ten minutes then stopped leaving Fiona with tears in her eyes and her face flushing. She admitted that she remained deeply in love with him and seeing him doing this felt somewhat aroused with pleasure. No sooner did she regain her senses did she see Scourge's fingers trail up to the zipper on her jumpsuit and pulled it down slowly. "Scourge?", she said a little worried about what he was planning. Scourge grinned evilly then dove his hands under her jumpsuit and tickled her underarms. "Ahahahahahahaha Nohohohohohoho, Hahahaha, not there", she cried out in great laughter. She was most ticklish under her underarms, Scourge remembered but he also remembered how hot she looked when she laughed. "So the cunning Fiona fox can't handle being tickled, eh?",Scourge said seductively as he knelt over her hovering over her face.

"Plehehehehehease Stahahahahahap", she begged as he kept tickling her underarms for over twenty minutes then dove his right hand behind her back, uncliping her bra as she kept laughing. Then he exposed her chest and licked and tickled her breasts. "Hmmm, mmmm, Ah, mmmmm, ah", she moaned. "Now I remembered what I liked best about you, babe", Scourge chuckled tickling her aroused nipples watching her reaction, "You're so sensitive". "Please stop", she begged and Scourge did. He looked down at her and saw her blushing as red as a tomato and with her blue shiny eyes. "Do you hate me?", she groaned. He grinned at her and chuckled, "Why would I ever do that?" He then laid on top of her and kissed her with great passion, "I love you a lot, Fiona babe". She smiled and kissed him back happy that he still loved her. "Um now", Fiona said looking at her cuffed hands on the bed post, "Could you let me go?" "Oh no", he chuckled and he lowered his hand and tickled her belly with his remaining hand tickling her belly button.

"Kyahahahahahahaha!", she squealed into a wild laughter as she tried squirming out of Scourge's grip to no avail, "Nohohohohoho, my hahahahaha tummy is hahahaha tihihihihiklish!" It wasn't just the ticklish feeling she was getting from Scourge, she also felt aroused by his touch. She let out several moans of pleasure and laughs as she tried squirming from his grip. "Pleahehehese stahahahap, I'll Dohohoho whahahahahatever you wahahahant", she half screamed half laughed as his left hand went back up to her breasts and tickled her nipples with his remaing hand tickling her bellybutton. "Do you swear never to double cross me again?", he grinned and she nodded violently. He stopped and watched her chest heaving and panting as she struggled to regain her breath while wiping her tearful eyes with her elbows. He then laid next to her looking at her while unlocking the cuffs. Then she lept onto him and planted a deep kiss on his lips. "I love you, Scourge", she said as she hugged him tightly. "I too", Scourge said then paused snickering as he rested her head on his shoulder, "I love ya too, babe".
Fiona gets tickled by Scourge

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