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While Rouge was traveling through the air, she caught sight of Angel Island. She smirked and decided to go give that short tempered echidna, Knuckles another visit. She loved seeing him fluster sometimes particularly when he was angry. As she landed, she ran through the tropical island in search of the master emerald.

While traveling through the jungles, she came across a dirt path that lead to the main temple where the master emerald was to lie. She ran out of the jungles and came out to find the temple abandoned, the emerald gone and Knuckles nowhere in sight. "What?", she wondered, "The island is still floating. He must have moved it somewhere". And so she lapped her wings and glided all over the island.

Finally she found a large cave in the central mountain. Curious she glided down and entered the dark cave. Maneuvering through the numerous trails which she was used to being a bat she finally came upon a large chamber. It was filled with many stalactites and stalagmites surrounding a platform holding large glowing object covered by a large tarp. "Hmm, that echidna is smarter than I thought", she smirked as she walked up to the platform, "But not smart enough to keep Rouge the Bat from getting what she wants". The minute she got to the top, the floor underneath her suddenly shattered and half of her fell through while her top half stuck out from the floor.

"Well this is just great", she groaned as she tried squirming her way to no avail. "Well, well, well", came a familiar low voice. She looked up and saw Knuckles smirking at her with mischief in his eyes, "Looks like my trap worked". "Trap?", she said confused and Knuckles walked towards the tarp and pulled it off. The object underneath which she thought was the master emerald turned out to be a ploy Rouge used before; a large round table with a lantern underneath it.

"Ugh", she groaned, "This is just perfect. So where is the master emerald?" Knuckles didn't answer and knelt down smirking at Rouge who was still trapped in the floor. "What are you smiling at?", she asked. "You always act like you have the upper hand over me", Knuckles chuckled, "But now I seem to have the advantage and I wish to make the best of it".  

He slammed his foot down on the floor and he dropped down from a trap door. "What the-?", Rouge shouted, "Hey don't leave me here to die. I can't get out!" "I'm still here", Knuckles said from below. It turns out the platform had trap doors connected by a lower chamber and right now, Knuckles was standing up on a series of steps to reach Rouge's legs which were sticking out from the trap door. He chuckled and grabbed her legs and took off her white boots. "Knuckles what are-?", Rouge shouted from above but then realized what he was planning, "Oh no, please not that!!!" Knuckles ignored her pleas wrapped his arms around her legs, pulled her socks off exposing her strong yet soft feet and used one finger stroke her soles briefly.

"Hehehehe", Rouge giggled as she felt her foot being tickled lightly, "Knuckles, I sweaheheheher I'll kill you if you dohohohon't stahahahap". "Nah", Knuckles chuckled as he pulled his gloves off then tickled her soles more rapidly. "NOHOHOHOHOHO, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!", Rouge screamed/laughed, "DOHOHOHON'T TICKLE MEHEHEHEHEHE".

He kept tickling her feet for ten minutes before holding her feet by the toes and used the back of his left hand to stroke her soles with the back of his spikes, one on each foot. "GAAHAHAHAHAHA", she laughed, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, STAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!"

Several minutes later he stopped saying, "How's it feel to be flustered now? You want to steal the emerald from me now?" "I'll stahahap doing that if you let me go", she giggled as she tried regaining her breath. "Nah you're lying, I can tell", Knuckles chuckled as he knelt down and picked up a brush, "That means we have to continue" and started brushing her feet rapidly.


After twenty minutes had passed, Knuckles tossed the brush away giving Rouge a little breather. As she panted thinking it was over, Knuckles leaned over holding onto her feet by the heels and licked her soles. This really drove Rouge crazy. "KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", she screamed/laughed, "KNUCKLES, NO MORE I’M SOHOHOHOHOREEEEEA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WON'T STEAL FROM YOU AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I SWEAR HAHAHAHA!"

Knuckles continued licking her feet but then move to the spaces in between her toes, licking them like they were lollipops for ten minutes again. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA", Rouge laughed, "NOHOHOHOHOHO MOHOHOHOHOHORE I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAN'T TAKE IT ANYMOHOHOHOHOHOHORE!!" "Hard to believe such a kick boxer has ticklish feet", Knuckles chuckled pausing briefly as Rouge regained her breath, "I never knew Rougey was so sensitive.Your feet also taste good". He then stuck his tongue out again and wiggled it along her toes and soles. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", Rouge screamed, "I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN'T TAHAHAHAHAHAKE ANYMOHOHOHOHOHOHORE!" She then passed out minutes later.

When she awoke, she found herself outside on the platform which the Master Emerald was suddenly resting on again. To her shock her head was on Knuckles lap and he had her pinned down with his gloved hand on her side. "Let go of me", Rouge grumbled squirming out of his grip but Knuckles grabbed her by her sides again. "What's wrong?", Knuckles smirked, "You seemed to like me tickling you". "I did not", she yelled flushing with embarrassment. "Oh really?", he said with a sly smile then tickled her sides. "Hehehehehehey nohohohohohoho", she giggled as Knuckles tickled her sides briefly before she collapsed with her back against his chest.

"So did you like it?", he asked slyly as he looked down into her green teary eyes. She looked up and was caught in his purple eyes becoming helpless in his muscular arms. "Yeah", she whispered blushing and Knuckles pulled her head to his chest as he rested against the emerald. She gradually fell asleep as Knuckles cradled her in his arms.
Rouge comes to steal the Master Emerald but Knuckles has plans for her.

characters owned by SEGA
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