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During a pristine morning on Angel Island, Knuckles was lying asleep near where the Master Emerald laid. He sighed to himself as the warm breeze blew along the plains and the cicadas chirped along the jungle of trees surrounding the site. Knuckles looked up into the sky and sighed as he focused his eyes back onto the Master Emerald. Soon he grew hungry and headed back to his lodge for food. Unknown to him, another figure was watching from the shrubberies. The figure emerged as Rouge the Bat who had her eyes upon the emerald. "Hm hm, such a gullible echidna Knuckles is. Now let's see if my little plan will succeed", she chuckled as she approached the giant gem.

Meanwhile Knuckles was staying at his wooden lodge slicing up pieces of fruit up with the back spines on his hands. Then he looked over at the clock on his kitchen table. "Well it's been a few minutes, I should get back soon", he wondered but was then thrown off balance by a sudden tremor in the island throwing him off balance. After a few minutes, this was followed by a sudden splash sound around the whole island. "Oh please no", he shouted to himself as he bolted out of the lodge and glided to where he left the emerald. When he landed, he found the emerald gone and replaced by a small card. He picked it up and smelled a familiar fragrance that he reminded him of Rouge. He opened it and growled at its contents.

Meanwhile near Station square, Rouge was waiting by the pier tapping her foot against the concrete road. "YOU!", Knuckles' voice yelled out. Rouge turned and blocked Knuckles' incoming punch with her foot, "Where's my emerald, you damn bat-girl!?". "Easy, Knucklehead", Rouge smirked, "You'll get it back but you'll have to play a little bet with me". Knuckles growled at her in frustration but Rouge remained firm, "Now I'm bored so I decided to rent a week at these hot springs in the countryside that I've always wanted to go to except  they only let couples in". "What does that have to do with me?", Knuckles asked. Rouge looked at him with a look of disbelief (as if she couldn't make it any clearer), "So I want you to come with me only here's the bet". She smirked seductively at Knuckles as she put her index finger against his nose, "I bet during the stay this week, I will be able to steal that stone heart of yours along with your emerald". Knuckles glared at her, "Like that's going to be hard". "You don't know me echidna", she chuckled as she walked away. She then thought to herself, "This will be a piece of cake. I'll get my emerald and that echidna to worship the very earth I walk on. I couldn't ask for a better deal". "So where is this hot spring, here?", Knuckles interrupted her thoughts. "No not here", Rouge rolled her eyes then grabbed his arm and lead him away.

Several hours later, Rouge and Knuckles arrived in the country and found the small hotel that overlooked the hot springs. Rouge smirked as Knuckles carried all the heavy bags that she had stored in the bus. "What the hell are you carrying in here?", he growled struggling to keep hold on the luggage. "Hey this beauty isn't free", she giggled to herself, "Plus I wanted to bring my entire wardrobe to this place". "Ugh, you got to be kidding me", he growled as he stumbled up the path to the hotel. "Better not drop it Knuckles", she called to him, "I registered us for the honeymoon suite, it's on the top floor and there's no elevator". "GAAAAHHH", Knuckles growled as he lugged the baggage up three flights of stairs, "The things I do for the Master Emerald". Several minutes later, Rouge opened the door to the room while Knuckles leaned against the bags exhausted. She went in and came into a room with red carpeting and peach colored walls, several luxurious couches and two red very soft Japanese styled futon beds. "Ugh", Knuckles sighed as he collapsed on the right bed. "Aw, is the little echidna tired?", Rouge taunted him, "How about we take a little swim in a few minutes?" Knuckles let out a groan that was muffled by his face in the pillow.

Rouge waited in the changing rooms by the hot springs, took off her trademark jump suit and boots and put on a purple string bikini. "This ought to get the echidna to fall for me", she smirked to herself. She went into the springs which were surrounded by three large stones with markings upon them and one cherry blossom leaning over the waters. She slipped into the water and rested against stone work. She sighed to herself as the steam fogged up everything she saw. She then heard a wooden creak and knew it was Knuckles. "Is that you, echidna?", Rouge called. "Yeah yeah", Knuckles voiced shouted back, "I'm coming, I'm coming". Rouge smirked to herself knowing the trap was set. "Come sit next to me", Rouge called leaning against a reclining rock to relax. She heard soft footsteps near her then heard Knuckles step into the water. She looked over but for some reason flushed a light scarlet. She couldn't help how when his fur was wet, he looked extremely muscular and pretty handsome. He also had slipped off his gloves showing his strong hands. "This is pretty relaxing", he said then he shook his head which made his dreadlocks wave while scattering water around. She flushed even darker and started to lose her confidence in this plan. "Oh come on, Rouge old girl", she thought to herself, "remain calm". She leaned closer to Knuckles with her side against his. "What do you think of my swimsuit?", she smiled seductively then wiggled her fingers between her dreadlocks making him flush a dark scarlet. "Oh knock it off", he grumbled looking away.

After having dinner, Knuckles pulled the twin beds apart and curled up into the sheets. Rouge, meanwhile, showered and got dressed in a pink lacy nightie then walked over barefoot to her bed. She laid down looking back over at the echidna and smirked at him as he slept with his back to her. "This game is so easy", Rouge thought to herself as she turned her back on him, "I'm going to win this". Several minutes later, Rouge started to drift asleep but was awakened by feeling something touch her back. She looked over and saw Knuckles extremely close to her with his right hand against her back. "What is he doing?", she thought, "Must have some bad sleeping habits". She then shivered as his right arm wrapped around her side and his chest pushed against her back. "Whoa, what is he doing now?", she thought. For some reason, she felt her heart start beating like crazy. She placed her hand to her chest to try and quiet her beating heart. Then she felt Knuckles' head come rest against her cheek. She shivered as she felt his warm breath breathing against her cheek making her heart beat even faster. Her body grew hot from this strange feeling she had. "...Rouge...", Knuckles whispered in his sleep. She gasped and her body grew even hotter. What was wrong with her? Finally she couldn't take it. She bolted out of the bed and bolted to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and saw her cheeks flushing red. "Oh no", Rouge thought to herself, "I can't be falling for Knuckles the Echidna"
A little Valentines series for my second favorite Sonic couple

SEGA owns all characters

Part 2: [link]
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Tooocute Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Whts your first favlorite?
NayuSiminova Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, things not going the way you planned? Backfiring? Oh its only going to get worse, I CAN TELL!
cottonmonkie Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
you can believe it rouge you can
sonamy12345678910 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Bealive it,Rougey!
Nordicman10 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
OniNakku I agree I mean Knuckles has super strength! Like when the team went to Maracea in Sonic-X He tipped over a robot that looked like and was as big as Mogeura. By the way ever notice how alot of robots in Sonic-X look like robots from godzilla?
Kiki-person Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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aaaawww, this is cute!
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...knuckles shouldn't have any problems lifing luggage. That's like Sonic having trouble catching up with a snail.
alexiaNBC Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010
You have no idea how much stuff she packed in those suitcases. Besides Knuckles is a good boxer, he's not a weightlifter, there is a difference
OniNakku Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I'm not saying he's a weightlifter. But the way he was designed was strength and power to rival sonic's speed. and you do have a point in the suitcases...they can be heavy if done right.
MagicalArrow Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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