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October 2, 2009
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As the sun emerged over the ocean horizon, its warmth poured over the beach illuminating its golden sheet. It soon reached the Villa that sat on behind the dunes and moved through the tall windows. It finally made its way illuminating a sleeping Rouge the bat. She groaned as she shifted her head to the other side but then saw Knuckles' face right next to her. Her eyes shot open in surprise but remembered the ring around her finger and saw Knuckles' arms wrapped tightly around her body. She smirked at this and decided to snuggle up next to her husband for a while longer. The sunlight passed its way illuminating her tan skin and the echidna's red fur along with his muscular arms. She giggled seeing his sleeping face then decided to get up and get dressed but for some reason, the echidna's grip around her was too strong; she couldn't free herself. "Okay", Rouge said nudging his face with her index finger, "Come on, Knuxie, let me get up". She thought he was pretending to be asleep but he wasn't he was dead asleep. She pushed herself up but still couldn't break free. "Ugh, Dammit, echidna wake up", she growled but he was still asleep, "Some help you are". She shifted her upper body up and grasped ther blanket with the back of her feet to uncover her wings. As soon as the heavy blanket was off, she flapped her wings as hard as she could. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she finally broke free.

She got on her underwear and unpacked her trademark bodysuit with the heart-shaped top and white boots. "Been a while since I wore these", she said. Her ears then picked up soft footsteps from the bedroom. "So old red is up", she thought and walked into the bedroom. She saw Knuckles yawn as he picked up his gloves and boots. "Hey knucklehead", Rouge called, "Could you ease on your grip next time. I don't want to have to wait till you wake up to get out of bed". "Sorry, dear", he chuckled, "But a sleeping echidna can have a tight grip on anything. I'll try and ease on my grip so you'll be able to get up". "Uh huh", she said with suspicion.
After their arguing had ceased, the two went to the neighboring shopping center on the boardwalk. Knuckles had to routinely pull Rouge away from the jewelry stores that were nearby. "Why do you always do this?", Rouge grumbled. "You have to kick this habit of stealing randomly, you're becoming a kleptomaniac", Knuckles growled. "You got to be kidding" she grumbled. He sighed then decided tolet her walk around. "Here, I'm going to shop around for food and supplies", Knuckles said, "You can go enjoy yourself if you want". "Talk about together till death do us part", she grumbled and walked off.

She sighed as she continued walking down the area but then came to a fish restaurant and saw a familiar face. It was an orange saber tooth cat, blond messy hair, long canines protruding through the top of her mouth, a Grey sleeveless shirt, and blue jeans. She stared with loving eyes as the fish were being prepared. Rouge smirked and walked up to the cat then emitted a high pitch that most Mobian bats emit making the Saber-tooth cat jump. "Hey Rouge", she cheered. "Hey Sara", Rouge smirked, "How's work?" "Oh it's going well", Sara smirked as the two sat down, "burglarized several major banks and got over a million rings and several jewels. Yourself?" "OH don't start", Rouge grumbled. "Red boy trying to leash ya since the wedding?", Sara asked. "Yeah", she sighed, "I mean it's nice to be married to someone who loves me but he always acts as the master in this relationship. I miss having the upper hand". "Oh well it's simple", Sara said, "You just got to get those boots of yours walking again and show him whose the queen of the household. In other words-" She leaned over and whispered into Rouge's ear. Rouge's eyes lit up and an evil grin grew on her face. "Oh yeah", she giggled as did Sara. "Number three; Blue Tuna fish with the works", came the restaurant waiter. "YES!", Sara cheered and skipped like a pixie over to the food that was present in front of her and stared at it with sparkling eyes, "Oh sweet, fruit of the sea". Rouge chuckled at the pleased cat but then saw Blaze the Cat appear. "Hey that's my food", Blaze shouted. Sara slammed her hands down on it and glared at her. Blaze growled and her hands glowed with fire while Sara opened her mouth showing her long canines. "I'm just going to leave", Rouge said nervously as she walked out.

She walked out just before she heard fighting ensue in the fish restaurant. She looked far and saw Knuckles with a bag. "Hey I just dropped the food off at the house", he said panting a little, "But I bought you something". "Huh?", she asked and Knuckles took out a velvet case and opened it revealing a necklace with diamonds, emeralds and rubies encased in silver frames. Rouge's eyes shot open. This was one of the jewels she saw in the jewelry store earlier. "I bought this because I wanted it to be a surprise for you", Knuckles said smiling. Rouge smiled at him, "Thanks, Knuxie" then she hugged him tightly with her arms around his neck. He hugged her back placing a kiss on her neck. Rouge giggled at the kiss but stood strong remembering herself. After the two got home, she watched Knuckles make dinner and thought about what to do. She knew that he was planning something but she wanted to get ahead of him. Then she knew what to do and smirked to herself. After dinner, Knuckles looked at Rouge with a mischievous grin. "What do we have planned now?", he chuckled approaching her. "Oh I know what but what's that?", she asked pointing to the floor. He looked down and Rouge leapt up and bashed Knuckles' head with her boot knocking him out. She picked him up and carried him saying, "Now honey, I'm going to show you why you shouldn't mess with me".

A few minutes later, Knuckles woke up with a splitting headache. "Oww, that bat girl still packs a tough kick", he groaned then realized his hands were handcuffed to the bed frame. He then heard giggling near him, turned and saw Rouge and flushed. She was sitting on the side of the bed in her black lacy lingerie. "What are you doing?", he growled but Rouge answered by crawling towards him on all fours. "Relax, I appreciate doing the work last night but now its my turn", she smirked. Then she leaned down and kissed and licked up and down his chest. "Ahh.... what are... ah...", Knuckles moaned. Her tongue licked every muscle on his chest even squeezing in a little nibbles with her fangs. Several minutes had passed as Knuckles felt pure bliss. Rouge peeked and to her amusement saw Knuckles' member pop out from his fur. "Ooo, you naughty boy, what have we here?", Rouge teased him looking down at his little friend. "Oh please don't touch that", he begged flushing. "Too late", she smirked and used one finger stroking his member generating a loud moan from her husband, "Ah, what happened to the tough old echidna?" She moved her hand in a rhythmic fashion up and down his erection, teasingly stroking it and tickling the very tip of it with her thumb. He moaned even louder at this. He felt that he was going to lose control. "Don't worry, Knuxie, it will be over soon", she smirked. She moved her hand faster up and down his member to the point that he couldn't take it. He came on her hand and leaving him panting and sweating on the bed. "So much for acting all tough", she joked at him. To her surprise she saw Knuckles break the cuffs and picked Rouge up. "Oh it's far from over", he grinned. "What the-? I thought you were-", she shouted in worry. "You underestimate my strength", he smirked, "but now it's my turn again".

He picked up an extra set of handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back and sat her down on the edge of the bed and sat next to her with his arm over her shoulder. "Now I'll let you choose", Knuckles smirked, "Where do you want it first? Top or bottom?" She gulped at what he asked but flushed saying, "". To her surprise, She saw Knuckles unhook her bra exposing her perfect breasts then took off his gloves and brought his hands onto them and started massaging her breasts. She let out a soft moan from the feeling she felt. Knuckles smirked at her reaction and squeezed her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. "Oh.... yes.... yes...", she moaned as he kissed her neck and shoulders. After a few minutes had passed, Knuckles smirked at her again seeing her face red from the sensation. "Okay, Knuxie", she smirked at him then nodded her head indicating that he should continue. He chuckled at this then knelt down on the floor on his knees, took her panties in between his thumbs and pulled them down. He then brought his face to her womanhood as he kissed it after teasing her with several licks on her inner thighs. "Oh.... Knuxie... ah.. aahh", she moaned louder. He playfully teased her again emitting a growl similar to a purr near her womanhood. Then without warning, he licked that moist area then poked his tongue against her most sensitive spot. She emitted a louder moan than one he ever heard from her and he liked this. After licking that spot for another minute, Rouge clenched her legs around his neck while shaking. She couldn't take this sensation anymore. One more poke against her sensitive spot was all it took and Rouge came emitting a very loud moan. She then fell down on the bed exhausted twitching with bliss as Knuckles lapped up her sweet honey. He then crawled over her, unlocked her cuffs and the two continued their love making for an hour. The two were too tired afterwords to think or act; they just stared at each other's eyes with her arms intertwined around each other. Green emeralds meeting purple amethysts. Soon the two fell asleep after Knuckles pulled the covers over her.
Part two of my Knuxouge story.

Previous: [link]
This was really embarrassing for me to write -//_//-

*Shadouge fans, please don't flame me.

characters owned by SEGA
Sara Saber-tooth owned by me
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