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September 25, 2009
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After the ceremony, Knuckles in his ceremonial brown tunic with crystals and sacred pebbles engraved in the silk material flew off with his new wife Rouge in his arms. He smiled down at her as she cuddled against he neck in her white lace dress and white gloves wrapped around his neck. "So beautiful", he said flushing.

He really did love her but there were many reasons why he was hesitant of asking for her hand in marriage. His fellow echidnas disapproved of the marriage as he was the guardian of the Master Emerald but he left the Chaotix in charge of it while he was away. Besides he never really liked them due to their arrogance. The only ones who supported the two were Sonic and his friends and surprisingly Shadow. When he asked, Shadow gave the excuse, "At least she won't bother me anymore".

Soon he approached the villa where he planned the honeymoon. It overlooked a crystal blue ocean and garden in the backyard. He landed by the door and opened it while carrying Rouge through the door. "Hey, wake up", he said shaking her in his arms. She opened her eyes and smiled, "Hmm nice place". She leaped out of his arms and looked around, "Pretty simple". "Hey this cost me a lot to rent. Over a thousand rings for just three day", he grumbled. "A thousand?", Rouge snickered, "I steal ten times more than that every day". "Yeah, well, you should be grateful that I brought you here and not some crummy love hotel", he growled. "Oh you would like that, wouldn't you", Rouge smirked looking forward to seeing him explode into anger. But he didn't, he broke into a wide mischievous smile, "I would".

She blushed but was then pulled into his arms and kissed deeply on the lips. Rouge moaned as she felt Knuckle's tongue swirl around her lips before stroking against her tongue. She nearly lost her footing from this explosion of pleasure she felt but Knuckle's strong arms kept her from falling. Soon, he let go and blushed a little but then smirked seeing Rouge nearly tumble to his feet. "So cute", he chuckled. "Shut up", she growled yet hid her face which was still blushing.

He smirked and knelt down to pick her up and carry her to the bed. "Want to go for a swim?", he asked. "I thought you couldn't swim", she said perplexed. "I can", was all he said as he changed out of his tunic and into swim trunks in the bathroom. Rouge growled a little, "That sneaky echidna, I really missed seeing him fluster around me and yelling". She then lit up and went to her suitcase and dug up a skimpy purple bikini. "This ought to make that echidna stutter", she smirked as she changed into it. She checked herself out in the mirror and smiled at her appearance.

Knuckles waited at the shore while flexing his arms (he usually did this when he was waiting). "Oh Knuxie", came Rouge in a seductive voice. He turned and leaped up while he got a nosebleed. Seeing her in that skimpy swimsuit showing off her perfect body. "You chose that one on purpose", he growled holding his bleeding nose. She snickered at his reaction rubbing her index finger against his chin as she went into the water. Knuckles sighed and followed her into the waves. He looked over seeing her white fur glistening from the sea and her blue eyelids fluttering to entice Knuckles. He swam over to her, "You always love doing all the flirting. Don't you get tired of it?" "Maybe", she shrugged smirking still, "How about you do some of the work tonight?" He flushed a darker red than normal as his eyes grew wide. She giggled seeing that expression on his face and swam around him and he followed.

After several hours, Rouge went back inside and decided to shower to rid of the sand. Knuckles, however, had a devilish idea after all the times she made him fluster.  Rouge went into the blue tiled bathroom, slipped out of her swimsuit and walked into the shower. She washed herself of the sand then decided to wash her hair. But when she reached for the shampoo, a red hand with two spikes beat her to it. She turned and saw Knuckles. "What the hell are you doing here?!", she growled baring her fangs, "Get out of here!!!" "Don't wanna", he said wrapping his arms around her back, "You said you wanted me to do the work". "That was a joke", she flushed covering herself with a large washcloth. "Well I'm not joking either", Knuckles chuckled pouring the shampoo into his palms. He started rubbing the lathered soap into her hair softly caressing her white fur. She let out a soft moan feeling his firm yet gentle touch against her skin. He then turned her around so that her back faced his chest and grabbed the soap. He rubbed it against her back, her arms, legs, and stomach before moving onto her chest. She shivered a little feeling  sensation she never felt before.

She then gasped as his hands gripped her breasts and he planted a kiss on the back of her neck. "Ahh... ooo... yes", she moaned then moaned louder as he began fondling her breasts and licked the nape of her neck. "You really are irresistible", he smirked. "Why are you acting like this?", she groaned and moaned at the same time. "Cause I really love you, my wife", Knuckles said as he took his hands off her and wrapped them around her waist, "I've always loved you since I first saw you. The whole reason why I married you... was so I can never be alone without you. I always feel happy and eager whenever I see you". She flushed and planted a kiss on his lips pushing her husband against the cold shower wall. "And I feel the same", Rouge said with a mischievous smile, "But I'm not going down that easy".

Knuckles chuckled then picked her up in his arms after shutting the water off. He toweled her off before taking her into the bedroom tossing her on a large queen bed with purple silk sheets. Rouge giggled as Knuckles climbed over to her. "I love you, Rouge", Knuckles whispered into her. "I love you too", Rouge said seductively.

"Say um", Knuckles said, "What are your... beliefs you want children is what I'm asking". She flushed at what he said but answered, "Well I'm not really sure. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe later". "I don't mean now", Knuckles chuckled, "Just in the future". "Oh then yeah", Rouge said more reassured and Knuckles smiled as he playfully licked her cheek.

He planted kisses and nibbles on her neck and collarbone making her moan and coo with pleasure. "Mmmmm", she moaned then gasped as he knelt to her breasts licking and massaging them. "Oh Knuxie", she moaned as Knuckles tweaked her nipples with his index fingers, "It feels good". Knuckles smirked as he licked her breasts then moved down her stomach to her opening. He teased her by licking and tickling her inner thighs with his tongue. After hearing her moans for a good while, he moved towards her opening. "Ooooh, Knu..... ckles", she moaned loudly as she felt his tongue wiggling on her sensitive spot. After a few minutes, her body erupted with pleasure screaming Knuckles' name.

He looked back up smirking and kissed her with great hunger. Rouge wrapped her legs around his waist begging for Knuckles to continue. He then positioned himself and shifted his body. Rouge screamed as excruciating pain hit her womanhood but Knuckles muffled her moans with his lips. Thrusting in and out, he and Rouge moaned as their love was finally connected. All these years being betrayed by his kind, Knuckles found the only person who really loved him and kept him company. Rouge felt a tear drip down her eyes finally finding her true love; one who loved her for who she was and made her happy. Soon, the two climaxed and fell against each other sweating and panting. Knuckles laid at her side staring into her green eyes while she did the same staring into his purple eyes. They smiled at each other and wrapped their arms around each other; husband and wife finally embraced each other with the silk blankets keeping the two warm and together.
Okay already did a love story for Sonamy and Silvaze but I didn't do one for the other couple Knuxouge. Here's the aftermath of the two getting married.

Next: [link]
*Shadouge fans, please don't flame me.

characters owned by SEGA
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