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While Knuckles was training on Angel Island, he looked back to see the master emerald gleaming in the sunlight. He sighed to himself, this was his duty as a guardian to always ensure the protection of the emerald from anyone. Yet life on this island often grew boring to him. As much as he found him annoying, Knuckles enjoyed working with Sonic in his adventures but those adventures were always short-lived. The only one who seemed to understand his situation was the one girl that usually annoyed the crap out of him; Rouge the bat.

She always looked pretty and often flirted with him but he remained suspicious due to the fact that she tried stealing the master emerald and other gems from his island numerous times. He grew more irritated and threw a series of hard kicks into a stone wall. Unlike the strength in his gloves which were stronger than sledgehammers, his feet ended up getting bruised easily from hitting the wall. After his training was complete, Knuckles glided back to the master emerald and sat near it. "You're a little crankier than usual", came a familiar voice. He looked up and saw Rouge reclining on top of the Master emerald smiling gleefully at him. "Try anything and I'll toss you off the island", he growled at her. "You know something?", Rouge giggled at him, "You're cute when you're angry". "Shut up", Knuckles yelled flustering at her and threw a punch at her. She flew off the emerald before he could hit her and landed on the stone platform the emerald rested on. "Why you-?", he growled and attacked her again. but stopped when his feet grew sore again and emitted a groan of pain. "Cool down, Knuckle head", Rouge said, "I'm just here cause I'm bored". "Fine", he growled and sat down on the platform. Rouge reclined her side against the emerald smiling gleefully at him, "You got a foot problem?" "None of your business", he growled. "Oh yeah", she smirked and lunged at him. Now Knuckles was on the platform floor with Rouge resting on his legs and grabbing his shoes. "Get off me", he growled at her. She then took his shoes off and began massaging his feet.

"Ow, ow, ahh, knock it off", Knuckles growled yet moaned a little. Rouge began massaging his soles with his socks still on. "You need to relax once in a while", Rouge grinned at his reaction, "You're so tense". He decided to let her continue rubbing his soles for now since it felt a little good. After ten minutes, she shifted her grip to his arches with her thumbs rubbing the tendons on his heels. Knuckles let out another moan as Rouge's fingers seemed to numb the pain and replacing it with a sense of pleasure. "You do this often?", he grumbled trying to cover up his flustering face. "Nah, first time", Rouge smirked "Why you enjoying it?" "Oh quiet", he grumbled again. "Okay, hothead", Rouge chuckled, "Take this". She massaged every tendon and muscle on his soles and arches harder than before. Knuckles let out another moan to his embarrassment. After another ten minutes she moved to the spot near her toes only she massaged a little harder than before. "Ow, ah ah ah ah ah", Knuckles moaned again. He couldn't hold back his moaning anymore and even saw Rouge smirking at his reaction as she rubbed the spaces between his socked toes. "I knew you'd like this", she snickered. Knuckles felt a surge of pleasure shoot up his feet and into his entire body making him nearly faint to a state of deep relaxation. After thirty minutes, Rouge stopped and let go of his socked feet. He laid on the stone floor with a look of exhaustion and pleasure written on his face. He then got up and saw Rouge reclining her back against the emerald again. "Normally, I'd make you pay for this", Rouge chuckled at him, "But since you showed me those funny expressions, I'll make this free". "Oh shut up", Knuckles grumbled but then calmed down, "Thanks anyway". "No prob", Rouge said, "But I know a way for you to pay me back". "If this involves me giving you the master emerald, you can forget it", Knuckles said. "Nah", Rouge said and picked up a small green emerald on the floor, "I'll accept this. Want me to keep you company?" Knuckles sighed as Rouge rested her arm against his head but ignored it, "Yeah whatever". Rouge leaned against his side and rested her arm around his shoulder. He hated when she annoyed him but at least she understood him.   
request by ~cagepower
Knuckles getting a socked foot massage in this fanfic

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sockticklingguy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!!! This is a fun story!!! 😉
Kritone Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Another realistic, funny and cute story. Do you like massages or somthing?
Kitty13k Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Student General Artist
I realy liked this fan fic! :heart:
lakeel Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
amy could really use rouges playbook on enticing men. just look at what happened to knuckles. haha still this was great
alexiaNBC Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
A little different between Knuckles and Sonic. Sonic keeps acting like a kid and running, Knuckles acts more determined and stays put. Plus Rouge has certain assets that make Knuckles very attracted to her and vice versa
lakeel Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
amy will catch sonic yet. and you right rouge does have her (ass)ets she uses to sway him
NenaVanGogh Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
Jajaja.. Very funny and so romantic... I LOVE IT!
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