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Heroes of Sovngarde - Skyrim by IceDragonhawk

The depiction of the star filled skies is absolutely beautiful as it contrasts with the dark shadows of the heroes and Alduin. But what...

  • Mood: Disbelief
Governor Pence of Indiana has announced that he will amend the controversial Religious Freedom law to protect gays from being refused customer service. Good to see that this arrogant Republican saw the devastation that a boycott can do to a rust belt state like Indiana. Even some Republicans like Arnold Schwarzenegger have denounced the bill saying it's going to shatter the party and reduce their chances at surviving (It really spells trouble for the Republicans when an actor/bodybuilder like Arnold is the smartest among them). It just shows how Big Business beats religious conservatism every time

But be wary of those parasitic Christian evangelicals that supported the earlier bill. They're still out there waiting to make our lives miserable

Try watching this without laughing:… 

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In the darkest night, Rouge the Bat traveled through the edges of the forests on Angel Island as she approached her target. This time she was really going to capture it. Working her way through the dense undergrowth,  she slowly crawled up the stone altar being wary of any sign of Knuckles. Step by step she crawled up until she was eye to eye with the giant green emerald she had always wanted. She reached out and…


She woke up ten minutes later only to be blindfolded and tied to a chair with her feet tied down on a stool. “What the hell is going on”, she yelled out. “Hello, Rouge”, came a familiar voice. “Knuckles”, she sighed, “Points for effort but now can you let me out of here?” Knuckles smirked evilly, “Oh, no, you are going through a worse punishment than ever.” She suddenly felt her boots being slowly slid off her feet leaving her tan soles exposed. “Oh crap”, she exclaimed, “Please not that!” “Yes, that,” he chuckled as he sat down by her feet and picked up two long feathers. He then began slowly teasing her soles, “Cooochie coooochie coooooo.”

“Eeehehehehehehehehehehehehe ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha stahahahhaahhahahahahahap,” she giggled wildly.

Knuckles gleefully kept this up letting her feet flail around but it didn’t matter. He flicked the feathers all over her soles not sparing a single inch from the ticklish sensation. The fact that she was blindfolded made it all the more intense. He’d even slide them across the wrinkles she would make to try and lessen the feeling. He then turned onto her toes but sliding the feathers in between them with rapid speed.


“Yes your widdle toesies”, he mocked her. He continued this along with random tickles on her soles for fifteen minutes before stopping to let her breathe. However it didn’t end long as he started tying up her toes so she couldn’t move them. “Please, Knuxie”, she begged him, “No more.” Not until we’re sure that you learned your lesson,” he said mischievously. He cracked his knuckles before starting to vigorously tickle her helpless soles with his fingers.


She was helpless to lessen the sensations she felt as his fingers danced, teased, scratched and fondled her soft helpless tan soles. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her buttery smooth warm elegant soles as he relentlessly teased them with his fingertips.He even sneaked a few flicks along her toes just to hear her give small “eep”s. “Such cute widdle toes you have,” he chuckled then decided to play a little game with her toes.

He started tickling the tips of her big toes, “This sexy piggy gets tickled for being sexy.”

He tickled her index toes next, “This sexy piggy gets tickled for being so soft.”

He tickled her middle toes, “This sexy piggy gets tickled for being so ticklish.”

He tickled her ring toes, “This sexy piggy gets tickled for being ignored.”

He then paused at her pinky toes, “And this sexy piggy….” He then lunged forward and started nibbling and licking her toes, “-get licked and nibbled for being the cutest of all.”


He kept this up for ten minutes before stopping to give her a break. “Alright…” she panted with her eyes clouded with tears, “No… more… I promise… never to… steal from… you again.” He smiled having gotten what he wanted but decided to do one more thing with her feet. He stuck his tongue out and gave a slow lick from her heel to her pinky toe.

“Eheheheheehe aaaaaaaaahhh mmmmmmmmmm” she giggled and moaned suddenly, “What mmmmmmmmm are you doing oooooooooo now?”

“Giving you a break,” he remarked as he held onto her feet and began slurping her soles. Rouge moaned and giggled more feeling increasing pleasure from this act. It felt weird yet so warm and exciting to feel. Knuckles’ echidna tongue spared no inch of her feet and toes as he continuously licked all over them, “Mmmm so tasty.” He then opened his mouth and began sucking on her toes one by one until they were wet with his saliva. Rouge gradually fell asleep after an hour of this.

If this is what would happen now if she tried stealing from him, she couldn’t wait to do it again
Knouge: Ticklish Love story
I got bored and wanted to do another Knouge tickle story while getting a break from work

There's a more adult ending to this story on my FA account if you want to check it out ;3

Knuckles and Rouge owned by SEGA
Try watching this without laughing:…
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Remember your sins, Turkey by alexiaNBC
Remember your sins, Turkey
April 24, 1915-April 24, 2015

-Germany makes it a crime to deny the Holocaust
-Rwanda removes ethnicity identification cards so Hutus and Tutsis can't identify each other
-Russia publicized reports confirming the deaths caused by Stalin's purges including those of Polish nationalists

However, Turkey has yet to admit it's guilt for causing the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians and it's been 100 years. Despite this, there have been documents, eye witness accounts and photos confirming their involvement and how cruel their Young Turks movement bent on eradicating any ethnicity that wasn't Turkish or Islamic. Turkey has used excuses ranging from the idea that the events were beyond their control (despite the fact their troops were directly involved in the initial events), that it was Kurdish raiders who caused most of the killing (Some of whom were instructed to kill the Armenians in exchange for being released from prison and not having their families killed as well. Even Kurdish groups today admit their ancestors' roles and have expressed remorse for their actions) or that such accusations would be an insult to their Turkish nation (Even the f***ing Germans make it a crime to deny the Holocaust). Oh also, your Koran states that Allah does not approve of aggressors even against "infidels" so odds are your founders of the republic are burning in Hell for their crimes.

When Hitler when asked if killing Jews and Poles in the inevitable Holocaust could be accomplished without condemnation, he said, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"


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